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8roke, a Miami via the Boogie Down Bronx, NY maker, and business person hopped on my radar with the new arrival of “Feels Better” which isn’t shockingly a remarkable vibe great record (and a generally welcomed one that is beginning to work its strategy for getting around the blog circuit). Partaking in the record and the actual subject of feeling significantly better being at a higher cost than expected during a pandemic that has been pursuing for everybody enlivened me to connect with Brandon Rogers otherwise known as 8roke to examine how he explored the pandemic as a performer and a cultivated money manager (Rogers claims Custom Autoworks Automotive Center, basically Florida’s likeness West Coast Customs). 8roke recognized that he expected difficult situations when the pandemic hit, particularly on the grounds that a piece of his pay comes from music and not a solitary one of us truly knew how the business scene planned to see that point. 1. His anxiety was compounded by “fundamental organizations” being the only ones permitted to remain open and afterward further muddled by the possibility that he didn’t figure individuals would search out work on their vehicles assuming they were remaining at home. Luckily, our flexibility as a nation showed its face and many individuals the country over figured out how to keep on producing a pay, astounding Rogers while letting him know that less going around implied it really felt like the ideal chance to deal with their vehicles. He said his vehicle and bicycle organizations are the best they’ve at any point been which kept his spirits high and permitted him to keep on zeroing in on his specialty. 8roke likewise arrived at a pivotal place of understanding shared by numerous free specialists: Multiple income streams (frequently past music) are expected to remain above water and to keep on making in a significant design. In the wake of talking with him, I’m glad to know 8roke still “Feels Far better” (disseminated kindness of Sony Music Entertainment’s The Orchard) by the day’s end. His affection for music was impelled further from sticking out while dealing with vehicles which is something different he completely appreciates and presents a numbskull, regular cooperative energy. That real happiness tracks down its direction into his creation and those inspirational tones, enterprising soul, and placing high frequencies into the universe and showing them all make for a craftsman that will keep on hoisting with dope mind-set music, figuring out how to flourish regardless of the circumstances. Pressure makes jewels, and 8roke is a hidden treasure that will find his direction into the music business spotlight in the near future. Look at his music and give him a follow. INSTAGRAM : https://www.instagram.com/8roke