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Hatim Idrissi – the Natural Designer from Morocco is a magic wand to your natural environment spaces

Interior designers and architects have been playing a major part in structuring and designing every element of the indoor spaces of a house, hotel, office or any other constructional space. But have you ever met someone who can simply beautify your lawn, your vegetable garden area or any of your plant interiors? An architect or an interior designer can be considered to be a perfectionist in work if he can master the art of designing any spaces according to people’s requirement. He develops designs in a much creative manner to bring comfort to the space, giving it a sophisticated and stylish look as well – that is, establishing comfortability aesthetically.

Hatim Idrissi is an Interior Designer who belongs to Morocco. He is specialized in Natural Design with more than 9 years of experience in the field. Born in Casablanca on December 5, 1979, Hatim is an Architect and Interior Designer with dual Franco-Moroccan nationality. He has been in the area of interior designing more than a decade. With nine years of experience as an Interior Designer (Natural Design), his architectural and interior designing area includes veg interior architecture, plant design and aquatic decorations.

“Nature is the best of Masters”, is what believed by the Designer. Since his birth was in a family comprising of artists, he too inhibited the talents in great sense and his love for art and design can be perceived now in widescale designing. This compelled him to have a bachelor degree in plastic arts. He went to Paris to pursue higher education at the higher school of audiovisual production and in parallel to that, a specialization in interior design and decoration. His years of experience in Morocco and France led him finally to choose Casablanca as his new residence.

The interior designer has a team working under his creation, ‘Naturel Design’. Hatim Idrissi’s work focuses in bringing new ideas in designing and decorating in order to revamp the space. From the initial stage to the final touch, he carries out the work reflecting effective results according to his client’s wishes saving time and money.

Aquatic designs include creating water walls and waterfalls with rigorous methods of design using noble materials such as natural stone. This decorative product offers the pleasant and relaxing sound of continuously flowing water in addition to a natural look for a soothing atmosphere. Trying to keep the pace with new trends or for preliminary infrastructure works, fully autonomous packs are created with closed water circuit with different noble and waterproof materials in glass, stone leaf or aluminium according to the budget. Custom and modernized aquariums, embellished with different themes to blend the environment with your space are what they provide to all the aquarium lovers. Also for restaurant spaces, supermarkets, marine and reef fauna enthusiasts, breeding grounds maintaining international standards are tailored to adorn the respective spaces.

His veg interio includes all sorts of plant development – green wall, pot and plant packs, etc. The natural plant wall is believed to offer a beautiful plant table with one or more plants. This design is intended for wall spaces and not the horizontal space. The original patended model of the Minigarden is a modular system for the vertical cultivation of ornamental, aromatic or horticultural plants, installed both indoors and outdoors. The stabilized plants are cent percent natural and ecological where the stabilization treatment based on natural glycerin replaces the sap. It allows them to keep their flexibility and natural freshness for more than ten years without soil, water, light making it independent of the natural resources. The pot and plant packs enhance the beauty of your professional and other spaces as well bring the natural feeling. They are available in all variants and shapes waiting for just an order to get the renowned brands.

According to the interior designer, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”. His passion for art since 2014 drove him in entering the interior design and now reaching a position where he would not like to stop but develop even better. To know more, visit www.natureldesign.ma