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Meet Shay Bxxgie, the most well-known musician.

Meet Shay Bxxgie the most well-known musician | Although Shay Bxxgie whose real name is Shamus Goss Jr is best known for his influence |

Shay Bxxgie was the oldest child in a middle-class Bronx, New York, family when she was born in the early 1990s. He moved to North Atlanta at a young age, where he now resides. His parents are businesswomen who have owned and operated numerous businesses over his lifetime. Shay Bxxgie was a basketball player at Norcross High School, where he won the 2011 state championship. He transferred to Duluth High School in his senior year, where he broke school records and earned all-county and all-region honors for the season. He then transferred to Georgia Southern University, where he was never allowed to play basketball. Shay Bxxgie’s basketball ambitions were dashed when he was arrested two months prior to the season.

In addition to excelling as a basketball player, Shay Bxxgie also pursued his interests in music and fashion. He had established his own clothing line with his father under the name “BNME” prior to his confinement. He was imprisoned, so he was unable to keep it running smoothly. Although he hasn’t relaunched his clothing line yet, he is a brand ambassador for a number of men’s fashion brands and has partnered with a few businesses in the United States and around the world to help them reach potential customers and enter new markets.

His primary social media channel is Instagram, where he assists brands in promoting their merchandise by producing engaging content for his devoted followers in the form of pictures and videos. In his chosen field, he is quickly becoming an authority.

From tattoos to Emo Punk Rock cadences, his Instagram page demonstrates his versatile and distinctive sense of style. Shay Bxxgie puts his best foot forward when carrying out any project in an effort to achieve excellence. He has had the chance to collaborate with Grammy-winning producer Izzy Guerra and other multi-platinum producers, as well as open for big artists like Skooly, a recording artist for Atlantic Records. Shay Bxxgie’s success as a creator has earned him placements in American news outlets, and he was also featured on Da Baby’s DJ mixtape “Top100Youngins.” We are eager to see what this young man has planned for the coming year and years.

INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/shaybxxgie/