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Meet The Most Popular Singer SEBASTIAN YATRA

Colombian vocalist lyricist Sebastián Yatra is starting off the North American leg of his Dharma World Tour on August 25th. Following 19 shows in Spain, the outline halting craftsman carries his ‘Dharma’ collection to existence with continuous recognition for his dynamic show. The North American Dharma Tour begins on August 25th in Houston and flaunts 22 shows across the United States and Canada.


“I’m eager to at last bring the Dharma visit to North America subsequent to playing out the collection tracks in Europe and Latin America the entire summer. The groups carry such an astounding energy to the tunes and I’m anticipating encountering that much more. It is generally a distinction to play shows in North America yet this is my very first title visit in the area. I’m additionally acting in such notable scenes, which makes things much more exceptional. Prepare for a very fun and fiery night where you’ll feel a wide range of feelings and chime in to your main tunes live!” remarks Yatra to Flaunt about the impending visit.


The visit for his multi-platinum collection, Dharma, has previously charmed huge number of crowd individuals in Europe and South America, exhibiting the music creator’s adaptability across classes. His super crush single “Tacones Rojos” as of late crested at #1 on US Latin Radio, and his collection Dharma put at #1 for most streamed Latin collection on Spotify.


Moreover, Yatra amazed fans this previous Thursday with the arrival of his most memorable Spanish/Arabic joint effort, Ulayeh. What’s more, as the visualizer implies, the peppy track will be a certain World Cup most loved for this present year.


INSTAGRAM: https://www.instagram.com/sebastianyatra