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Perez Hilton advises Meghan the Duchess to run for president.

The Duchess of Sussex has been predicted to run for president of the United States by Perez Hilton.

The gossip blogger believes that the former actress, who used to be known as Meghan Markle before she married Prince Harry, has the “ego” to run for the highest office in the United States and hopes that the position will enable her to “make a difference in the world.”

According to Closer magazine, “There’s no way that Donald Trump would be elected,” we all thought in 2016 However, despite how absurd it appeared on paper, it actually occurred.

Therefore, I seriously doubt Meghan Markle would run for president.

“She believes in doing good and making a difference in the world—the main reason I think she would run for the office of President would be her ego,” says the author.

The duchess, on the other hand, still has a lot to learn, according to the former “Celebrity Big Brother” star.

He continued: She needs more political experience, in my opinion; she needs to learn how Congress works and how things are done in Washington, as that is one of the most important roles of a good president.

“Perhaps we will see more of that in the months and years to come.

“You have to be really smart, get the right people on board, and make them part of your team. It’s not just about looking and sounding like the part.

You also need to know a lot about the media, like Trump did.

“We’ll see what happens with Meghan because Trump has taught Americans that anything is possible when it comes to the presidency.”

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