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Social Media Influencer and Book Author, Joshua Liljenquist, Motivates Followers to Pursue Their Dreams

Millions of people are drawn to the extraordinary lifestyle of influencers on social media. They have the ability to shape the preferences of consumers, influence their purchasing decisions, and mold their beliefs when it comes to a particular product, service, personality, or event. For successful social media influencer and book author Joshua Liljenquist, his job is also about inspiring his followers to never give up on their dreams no matter how challenging the journey may be.

Joshua grew his following on social media in a staggering manner for a 22-year-old who had no formal marketing or branding training. He accomplished attracting 1.9 million followers on TikTok in less than six months. Additionally, he grew his Instagram to 43,000 followers and 15,000 on his YouTube channel by sheer determination and creativity. 

His impressive achievements as an influencer are well expounded on his book, Instagram Masterguide: Extreme Growth that is available on Amazon. In the book, Joshua shares practical tips and actionable strategies that people can use to grow their Instagram followers exponentially the way he did. He grew his following from 3,000 to 43,000 in just two months. Moreover, he explains how people can earn from building their personal brand on the social media platform.

Aside from Instagram Masterguide: Extreme Growth, Joshua has worked on two other books and plans to add more in the near future. His books are meant to ignite inspiration for people who want to achieve extraordinary feats in life. Having come from a hometown with a population of only 10,000 people, Joshua understands what it is like to come from simple beginnings. Not one person living in his hometown has accomplished what he has reached at 22 years old. 

For Joshua, there is more than enough reason for him to continue pushing himself and sharing his journey through his books so people can be motivated to also work hard to reach their dreams.

Joshua is best known for being a self-motivated person. Despite the negative comments he has received from several people about his present accomplishments, he does not let them dampen his spirits. Instead, he uses their criticisms to build a better brand for himself. By staying motivated, he also inspires many others who are going through the same obstacles. 

At present, Joshua is balancing his career as an influencer with his studies. He is currently attending Minnesota State University in Mankato, Minnesota, majoring in communication. He is also working on establishing a supplemental business targeting investments from public figures. Additionally, he is starting a business that sells organic workout drinks that promotes muscle recovery for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Joshua looks forward to gaining more followers in the years to come. He also anticipates an influx of collaborations with big companies who want to promote their products and services in the next few months. He is strongly considering moving to a bigger city in the future in order to grow his business further. 

The life of an influencer may not always be a journey of glamour and comfort in reality, but Joshua hopes to teach more people how they can make it a promising and profitable experience. 

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