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Zeal for travel, its thrills, techniques & travel tips with Mohamed Alketbi – The Emirati Traveller

Once again we would like to take you to some travel, trips and adventures around the globe. Interested you are, we know. So, today, let us travel to the Emirati world to extract some interesting information about a Traveller who has a remarkable journey of adventures, tours and trips. Come let’s explore his travel book one by one.


Mohamed Alketbi is from the city of AlDhaid in the Emirate of Sharjah in the UAE. Basically known as ‘The Emirati Traveller’ by his friends and family, his social media fans and followers, Alketbi is always seen to explore country to country and document ting his tours and trips on his social networking sites.


He has done his graduation from California with two majors in Computer Engineering and Computer Programming. It was during his studies abroad when his passion for travelling took form when he had to pass through Europe and reach the American continent. Thus he set to start his adventure journey of exploration. Alketbi did not document his initial travel trips either on YouTube or oher social sites as he lacked experience in photography and was not much financially stable. But the encouragement he received from his family and friends pushed him to start everything on his own. Today, he use to make informative videos on travel depicting all kinds of benefits while travelling. All travel expenses and related things are born by the traveller himself.


Mohamed Alketbi’s pattern of travelling and exploring includes two interesting types – one with planning trips to explore and store information of about important tourist hotspots and the second without any planning and just focusing on adventures. He has visited the entire beauty of Gulf, got acquainted with various customs cultures prevailing in each country, later giving his own reviews on these places. His European travel destinations included some important countries like France, Italy, Belgium, Romania, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Serbia, Greece, Bosnia with an endless list exploring the prime tourist hotspots. One thing he noticed that the landmarks characterizes every country incorporated with humanitarian goals which is needed to unify the human relations there. His graduation days in CA gave him the chance to visit a large number of American tourist places too.


His entry into social networking made him an expertise of photography and videography with different lenses. The Emirati traveller has important travel trips documented on his YouTube channel and Instagram for his travel enthusiasts in need of effective travel information. From secrets and techniques needed to travel, he shares many thrilling info about various restricted flocks to see the most important tourist places and historical landmarks. His informative video contents on YouTube on Instagram also cover events and exhibitions in the UAE so that his followers in social media become aware of the different events and occasions held in the Emirates. One important thing he noticed while his exploration is that the caution and care to follow when you are to deal with minute problems, skills of learning new languages, etc. He has given several tips to his followers to rely upon themselves during travel and keep all information and things in handy following the safety norms.


Coming to the Emirates, Alketbi has covered in his documentations the markets of Dubai such as Souq Naif – the Chinese market, Souq Al Maa’in – the spice market, the building materials market, the car market, electronic hub. In the Emirate of Sharjah, the central market, the old market , the Jubail market and many commercial centers while the Chinese market in Ajman – Al Salem market in Ajman were some other sites which the traveller has perfectly documented.


Although he has explored many countries and their important destinations, yet his zeal for travel is everlasting. He wants to travel all of the continents of the world as he wants to get aquainted with the varied customs and cultures followed at these places. Also, he is aiming to become the best ambassador of the UAE and set a landmark of peace in each country he visits.